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26th March 2107
Iain's report - On 9th February at the back of the Balmoral Hotel, Garry saw 8 Brambling and 2 Crossbills which were both good sightings. The following day Garry also saw 5 Oystercatcher on the rafts at the Community Reserve with at least 8 Little Grebe on the lochan. On the 11th at the Reserve we had a busy day chipping logs and branches though the weather was wet and windy. There was a Willow Tit near the Orchard with 30 Mallard and 20 Teal on the wetland with 2 Buzzards around. While out on my last day delivering before going into hospital for my hip replacement, while out at Meadow Bank and Meadowbank Rise at least 350 Jackdaws and Rooks were leaving there nearby roost site and 2 Ravens also flew over. A fair gap in sightings due to my recovery period....sorry. Dave Bradshaw reported that one of his neighbours in Cornal Court had up to 75 Siskin in his garden which is a fantastic total and must have been an amazing sight. There was a good record from Alan Roulston who saw a Green Woodpecker near the Reserve in the trees where we park our cars on the 11th. If anybody does see a Green Woodpecker please let us know as we think there could be more around in slightly more rural areas out of view from most humans....keep your eyes open. On Sunday 12th many Pink Footed Geese were heading north over the town. On the 14th an email from Ken Hines with some of his recent sightings.....a Goldcrest on the cycle path near the Evan Water bridge, a Cormorant over the same bridge heading towards Moffat and on the Sunday his first spring sightings of Oystercatcher over Telford House. Also perhaps as many as 2000 Pink Footed Geese .....flying around apparently looking for somewhere to feed as there was a lot of thick low cloud perhaps preventing them flying North. In his pond which is only 8 foot by 4 foot he also had 20 plus Frogs spawning which was a good count and shows that you do not need a huge pond to attract wildlife. A Brown Hare was seen up Gallow Hill by Mr Muirhead on the 15th. The first local Osprey of the Spring was seen on the 17th heading up Moffat Water valley which was good news. Ken Hines reported seeing a small pipistrelle bat while driving into Moffat, near The Knowe... mid morning on the 24th March which was noteworthy. I may have misplaced or forgotten to write some of your records down and I can only apologise for that.....hopefully normal service will resume as I am almost back to work as normal and the exciting Spring period is upon us.

John has a couple of items to add - frogs arrived in his pond on 20th Feb, first spawn shortly after. Despite the pond being, quite literally, under water a day or two later (some 2 inches of fast flowing floodwater above the top of the pond) the spawn survived. More frogs active (50+) over the following few days. A single female Brambling visited on 16th March. On milder days, an occasional bumblebee around but the summery day yesterday (Saturday) brought out quite a few. The warmth also brought out a few butterflies with both Red Admiral and Peacock seen. Oddly, today, despite being even warmer, had virtually nothing on offer!

Dave Bradshaw visited the reserves on Friday (24th March)-
Our reserve - 8 Teal, 5 Mallard, 2 Buzzard, 2 Greenfinch, 3 Robin, 2 Song Thrush, 3 Blue Tit, 2 Nuthatch, 4 Great Tit, 1 Treecreeper, 19 Chaffinch, 3 Stock Dove, 2 Pheasant, 1 Pied Wagtail, 1 Roe Buck (antlers about15 inches).
Quarry -
4 Mute Swan (2 adults 2 juveniles), 16 Oystercatchers, 5 Cormorant, 5 Mallard, 1 Moorhen, 2 Teal

Dave also sent some cracking photographs - will post a few of them later.

12th February 2017
The 2016 County Mammal Report (covering SW Scotland) has been sent to us by Andy Riches. You can view it

Iain's latest report -
7th January produced a Water Rail in the "stoorie burn" at the Reserve which was the first there for a while and there were also 12 Teal, 36 Mallard, 3 Grey Heron, male Kestrel, a Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, 100 plus Chaffinch, a Willow Tit, Magpie and Jay. Roger Grant reported a Red Squirrel near St Anns bridge on the 11th and a Fox and 3 Roe Deer were at the Reserve with 29 Redwing, 27 Teal, 4 Pheasant , 2 Buzzard and a Willow Tit. Garry reported on the 13th that 2 Red Kites were above Ruxton's Dump up the Edinburgh Road and a belated report of a Barn Owl further up the valley a few days previous. At the Community Reserve on the 14th were 2 Mute Swans, 1 male Tufted duck, 14 Mallard, 7 Teal, 9 Little Grebe and 3 Moorhen. Apart from all the usual birds at the Reserve at least 1000 Pink Footed Geese flew over around 11am or tea time.....probably lasted until 11.30am.....Garry reported a pair of Smew on Fruid reservoir on the 16th which as an exceptional record. On the 18th at home at Park Circle waiting for Garry to pick me up there were in excess of 200 Chaffinch in the trees beside the foot bridge. At the Reserve 2 Goosanders flew past and the male Kestrel put in another welcome appearance. While delivering papers on the morning of the 20th I heard a few Wigeon flying overhead. On the morning of the 25th Alan Smith reported hearing an Oystercatcher passing over the town and 20 minutes later while delivering at Ettrick Drive I also heard one. At the Reserve that morning were 33 Teal, 43 Mallard, 6 Moorhen, a Mute Swan overhead and 800 plus Pinkfeet passing over. On 1st February at the Reserve were 30 each Teal and Mallard and on the Community Reserve were 10 Little Grebe, 12 Teal and 2 Grey Heron. On Sunday 5th John Smith had a Peregrine over his Greenwood Close garden and a single Goldcrest too. Bob McGoran reported a young/male Sparrowhawk sitting on his garden wall after a failed attack which provided good views and he said that he usually gets a female Sparrowhawk visiting his garden. Richard Bligh also reported an Oystercatcher at his workplace near Lockerbie on the 7th of the month.

Finally, a few more of Dave Bradshaw's photographs. The Long-tailed Tits were snapped in early January, the rest earlier this month. The Herring Gull seems to have got quite a feast!

Long-tailed Tits

Purple Sandpiper


Great Grey Shrike

Herring Gull

7th January 2017
We wish you all a very Good New Year!

A few items for you this time. We kick off with the latest summary from Iain -
On the 16th November at the Reserve were 20 Teal and good numbers of Fieldfare while on the 19th a female Reed Bunting was at Jocks Hide and 7 Whooper Swans were on the fields adjacent to the reserves. At the Community reserve on the 23rd were the usual Little Grebes, a Cormorant, a Kingfisher and 8 Teal. At our Reserve were 2 Willow Tits among very good numbers of other small woodland birds and 7 Moorhen. 2 Grey Heron and a Buzzard. Tom Thomson reported a male Bullfinch and a Pheasant among his garden birds and I heard some Wigeon flying over the town at night on the 27th. On 1st December Lesley Robson from Hillside Terrace reported a single Brambling and a pair of Bullfinch and the following day Dave Bradshaw reported 45 Waxwings at Heathall. On 3rd December Garry Tait saw a flock of 28 Waxwings in Dumfries town centre. In the morning at the Reserve were 16 Teal and a male Kestrel with 3-4 skeins of Pinkfeet moving overhead. While out delivering papers on the morning of the 5th I saw 3 Goosanders flying over Dowding House. On the 14th Alan Beavan and his wife reported seeing up to 6 different Red Squirrels at Craigielands and up to 5 Buzzards up the Crooked Road area. Mathew White reported an Otter up at Craigieburn on the 15th and, the day after, John Smith had unusually large numbers of Blue Tits feeding on a bush in his garden at Greenwood Close while a Brambling put in an appearance the following day. Garry Tait, while passing the Loch of the Lowes, saw a family of 7 Whooper Swans and a Slavonian Grebe, which was noteworthy, and they stayed for a while. Richard Clarkson reported 8 Waxwings at Ecclefechan on the 19th while at the Reserve on the 21st were 24 Mallard and a count of 49 Teal which was excellent and there were still over 40 Teal around on the 28th though they move when the Reserve wetland is frozen. On the final day of the year while working at the Reserve the full gang of five.....comprising myself, Garry. John, Jon and Doug.....saw a good flock of 150 plus Siskins and 40 Mallard while on the way back to his van near the Water Bore Hole a small group of 5 Waxwing were spotted by Garry which was a great way to finish off 2016. While speaking to Dougie McMillan in the shop on the 3rd January he was telling me that he had seen up to 8 Woodcock at Lawesknowe which was a good count. Our first visit to the Reserve on the 4th saw the wetland ponds mostly frozen and a count of 10 Teal were using the ditches for feeding and a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers were displaying and chasing each other up the Orchard area of the Reserve.

And some sighting reports from Dave Bradshaw -
27/12/16 Quarry - Teal 3, Little Grebe 9, Mallard 38, Cormorant 3, Long-tailed Tit 12, Wren.
01/01/17 Moffat Country Park - Mute Swan 6 (still has last years young with them), Teal 3 (first time recorded there), Mallard 8, Moorhen 9, Blue Tit 3, Wren, Little Grebe 2.
02/01/17 Beattock village - Long-tailed Tit 10
02/01/17 our reserve - G S Woodpecker 2, Grey Heron, Great Tit 9, Moorhen 2, Mallard 1, Coal Tit 2, Blue Tit 3, Robin 2, Blackbird 3
02/01/17 Quarry - Little Grebe 2, Mallard 8, Teal 5, Cormorant 1, Moorhen 1.

And a selection of Dave's recent photographs:

Barnacle Goose

male Green-winged Teal

male Pintail

Whooper Swan & cygnet


Twite ('Heather Linty')

A request from Andy Riches: any further bird reports for Castle Loch or Hightae Loch should be sent to him ASAP. Also any further mammal reports should be sent to him no later than 28th January. This is so that he can complete the recorsd for 2016.
If you don't have contact details for Andy, please give John a shout and he will put you in touch.

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