General guidance for nature lovers

When out and about, follow the Country Code guidelines:

• If you open gates to get through, close them behind you.
• Do not cause damage to growing crops, fences, gates or walls.
• Avoid disturbing livestock in fields. Some animals, especially cattle, can be dangerous! If you cannot avoid entering a field, please follow the boundary rather than going across it. Seek an alternative route if possible.
• Keep dogs under close control and preferrably do not take them on to recognised nature reserves, especially during the breeding season (March to August approximately).
• Stick to footpaths as far as possible.
• Do not discard lighted materials such as cigarette ends or matches and do not start any fires.
• Do not discard any rubbish and, even better, pick up any you find. Take it away and dispose of it in a suitable bin.
• Avoid rapid or sudden movement and try to make the minimum of noise.
• Be patient, nature may come to you if you stay still and quiet for long enough.

Nature is there to be enjoyed, let us keep our countryside as clean and natural as we can.