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In the past, old material (especially from our 'News' page) was simply removed from our website. In response to a request, we were archiving relevant material from all our 'News' pages together with various articles from our early Newsletters. As our web space is limited, we can no longer continue this system but we will, for now, still archive relevant material from our 'News' pages - but only for the previous three years. Note also that links on the archived pages may no longer be functional. Also removed from the website are the various articles from the past. This policy should allow us more freedom to post current material, particularly as more and more pictures are being incorporated and these require quite a lot of webspace. Usage information suggests that the earlier archived News pages and the various articles have only rarely been accessed so will not be missed by most viewers. All material removed from the website will still be held on our source computer so if anyone needs to refer back to the older News pages or articles they can still request the information from ourselves.

To reduce the overhead on our menu system (left) we have placed the links to archived material on this page. Please make your selection from the following -

News 2015   News from 2015
News 2016   News from 2016
News 2017   News from 2017