What events are planned


Dyke Farm Nature Reserve Maintenance

Our workforce is becoming depleted due to retirements and people leaving the area so if you can help, please do.

Every Wednesday 10.00am to about 1.00pm
Every Saturday 10.00am to about 1.00pm

We have an ongoing program of 'maintenance days' and, of course, always looking for volounteers to help with the work. Some practical expertise would be especially appreciated but is NOT necessary.
is welcome. - just bring clothing suitable for weather conditions, gloves, wellie boots and, if you wish, some refreshment to keep you going (we usually stop for a cuppa at some point). Most work is simple and easy, clearing windfall branches, path maintenance, planting, clearing ditches and various other tidying up jobs. After all, the reserve is just like any other wildlife garden - but bigger.
Apart from the work, 'cuppa time' is also a great opportunity for 'social networking' (posh words for blethering) and to catch up on the latest gossip.


Meetings Schedule for 2020-2021
Keep an eye on website, social media & posters

There are no definite plans for the season due to uncertainties with the corona virus situation. It seems likely that rules are not likely to be sufficiently relaxed to allow us time to organise a meeting in September or October. We will continue to monitor the situation in the hope that we can resume normal service in November but only time will tell.