List of contacts

Note: to reduce the prospect of them being 'harvested' by spammers, Email addresses are not given directly and there is no link to them provided.
Instead you should create the email addresses manually in your mail program using the name given in blue, then the '@' sign and ''. Our apologies for the inconvenience but 'spam' is now a major problem that we can well do without..

Chairman & Secretary
Iain Anderson can be contacted at A.M.Grieves (Newsagents) by telephone 01683 220006 or, when not available there, on 01683 221374. Alternatively you can email Iain at iain (see above)

Honorary President
Emilio ("Jock") Dicerbo can be contacted on 01683 220546.

Garry Tait can be contacted on 01683 221154

Andy Dickson can be contacted on 01683 300592

General Committee Members
Margaret Greenshields
John Smith
Jon Haydon

Sue Powell

(Currently no regular webmaster)