Dyke Farm Nature Reserve - how to get there


Please note  -  to avoid disturbance to livestock and wildlife, dogs are not permitted on our Reserve.
Access to the Reserve is via working farmland so please ensure that
- the designated routes to/from the Reserve are followed.
- all gates are left securely closed.
- you avoid disturbance to farm animals in the field.

NOTE that there are TWO Nature Reserves located in this area. They are in close proximity and, in places, share a common boundary. Dyke Farm Nature Reserve is the one owned by the Wildlife Club. It is not as well signposted as the second, the Community Nature Reserve, which is well signposted so easy to find. Detailed information on how to reach our Reserve is given below. However, we do recommend visitors go to both Reserves as they differ greatly in habitat and thus in the wildlife present.

To get to our Reserve

To find our Reserve when coming from Moffat, proceed along Beattock Road (towards the A74(M) motorway) for about one mile. The Community Nature Reserve is well signposted on the main road. The access road to both Reserves is on your left just as you come within sight of the motorway. If coming from the motorway, go towards Moffat for about 500 metres. The access to the Reserves is on your right at the first bend.

Pedestrians coming by road may follow either of the following routes but visitors coming by car now have three parking and entry route options. These are detailed below with images to give guidance.
Pedestrians who are coming from Moffat and who do not mind a bit of rough walking have another option - from the Green Frog (Hammerlands), use the pedestrian bridge to cross the Annan river into the field, pass through the gate into another field, cross it to reach the (quite conspicuous) stile and enter the reserve at the orchard end. Remember to close gates properly behind you. One caution - the fields can be very wet/waterlogged after prolonged rain.

Click on any image to see a larger version.

Option 1 - the 'Red' route

There is limited parking (2 or 3 cars) available alongside the fence at the top of the road near the junction. This is not normally the best parking option if you intend visiting both reserves but, in winter when roads may be icy, it is the safest choice as it can be very difficult to get a vehicle up the Community Reserve road. Walk some 100 metres down the Dyke Farm road and then enter the adjacent field via a 'kissing' gate alongside the red painted field gate on the left} where the road forks. Follow the fence side to your right, down and along until you reach the gate into the Reserve. Please do not take a shortcut across the field and try to avoid unnecessary disturbance to farm animals in the field. Alternatively, follow the 'white' route.

Option 2 - the 'White' route

Follow the signs for the Community Nature Reserve for about 200m until you see the wooden 'finger post' sign marked 'Wildlife Club Reserve'. There is limited parking at the roadside (about four cars) but please do not obstruct the gates on either side or the road itself. Pass through the field gate, go along about 50 metres and through a second field gate into the big field. An alternative (not shown), avoiding the big field, is to follow the tree line and enter our reserve via a stile.

Remember to close both gates properly behind you. Now follow the fence to your right to reach the gate into the reserve.

Option 3 - the 'Blue' route

Go all the way down to the Community Reserve where there is a designated car park for at least 12 vehicles. Note there is a height-restricter at the car park entrance. Walk back up the road (about 200m) to the sign mentioned above and continue through the field gates, etc as described for the 'White' route above.

All three of these routes take you into fields which may well have sheep in them. Be careful not to tread in any of their droppings! Once in the field, follow the fenceline until you reach the gate into our reserve.

An alternative to the Blue Route, weather permitting, is to leave the carpark and enter the 'meadow' at the Community Reserve, go past the hide to the Lint Pool. Continue past the Lint Pool. following the track until you reach a wooden pedestrian gate. This takes you into our reserve at the orchard area. Be aware that the track, where it passes the Lint Pool, is liable to flooding so 'wellies' are recommended if you choose this route.

Enjoy your visit!